Thursday, May 14, 2015

I was spoiled on Mother's Day, and I think I know why...

My Mother's Day went a little like this: 

I woke up and was immediately congratulated by the hubby and a delightful little man who said to me "happy birthday".  Sure, it can be measured as a birthday, this year it almost felt like one. After breakfast while I cleaned up, Benjamin serenaded the birthday song to me, and Ruben so generously offered to clean my vehicle. Of course, I agreed! Who would deny such an offer? Seriously.

When he returned, Benjamin had already taken a bath and I was working on some things for our Mother's Day service at church. They quickly, and not so quietly, took off, and I was left alone at home.  No complaints there, quite honestly I get a lot done when alone.  I finished my tasks and as I was getting ready, I overheard the guys come in, and as I turned around there was a little shadow figure approaching. Benjamin walked through the doorway carrying a small white paper bag with the word “Fossil” printed in the center. I heard a subtle voice, in the not-so distance that whispered “Give it to mama, and say Happy Mother’s Days”, and as Benjamin handed it to me he once again repeated the words "happy birthday mama" accompanied by a sweet little hug. The bag contain two little boxes and inside them were a wallet and a watch, both camel colored and both I love very much. That was simply the beginning of my mother’s day.

Shortly after the gift, thanks giving, hugs and kisses we headed to music practice at church, in preparation for our service. Well we were in the middle of practicing a song, when I noticed through the door my mother, and sister walk in.  This doesn't happen too often, as they live rather far. So I ran off the stage, as when would do when excited, to greet them, and to my disbelief they greeted ME with chocolate, balloons, and a gorgeous Orchid! It was very sweet, and a complete surprise.

We had a wonderful service, lot’s of mothers, and many visitors.  After the service, we headed to the fellowship area to eat a meal prepared by our youth department.  They served us the most amazing soup I have ever tasted in my life. I cannot even describe how delicious it was.  Well once we were done indulging in this lovely meal, and as if I hadn't received enough already, my mother-in-law called me up in front of everyone (yes this happens to me a lot) and  had all the ladies come up and pray for me. She then handed me a card that was signed by all of them and a lovely bouquet of roses! Benjamin may have been right after all, it certainly felt like a birthday. I felt so much love around me.

I was thinking to myself, why was this mother’s Day so different from the rest, and the answer came to me like a kick in the stomach…

Literally.  Yes that is a small baby bump that you are seeing!
Details? coming soon!  

Everyday to Us

Monday, May 4, 2015

Because we are survivors

Well I am finished my first year of school. Yay! I didn't feel it was tough until the last two months of school, where I was given so many assignment I thought I would not make it.  In the end I was able to finish all my assignments, and submit them on time. So there you have it, I have survived, and along with me, Benjamin has survived as well.  He has survived waking up early on very cold mornings, and spending his days away from me, which he seemed to enjoy a little too much... hmm.

Because we are survivors, I decided to reward myself with a slightly over priced box of Macaroons. They were delicious, and made the little man and me a very happy person.

Happy Monday to you!

Friday, March 20, 2015

The day...

The day that Benji performed an "arm bar" on Ruben was a proud day... 
for Ruben at least. 
 The day that I went on a coffee date with my son. 
Don't worry he had hot chocolate. 
 ah. I just like it. 
 A wonderful day I spent with my little man. 
It was fun, and my heart is happy! 
The day I went on a lunch date with my buddy... 
and walked into an art store that displayed art made from RUBIX CUBES. 
so cool! 
 The day we had the last snowfall of the season....hopefully! 
The day I had a heart in my hot chocolate. 
 The day I had the best steak ever, during a lunch date with my hubby. 

Good days! 

Everyday to Us

Monday, March 9, 2015


FIRSTLYI have a Facebook Page for my blog and photography.  Give me a like! 

So, Have you heard of Eshakti?

I received this perfect little black dress from them. The quality is amazing, and shipping was great!  I love this dress. It even has pockets. I love anything with pockets. 

This site is great. Especially for us gals who love modesty.  It's awesome because with every item they sell, you have the option to customize it. You can customize sleeve length, neckline, and skirt length.  Isn't that wonderful?  Well guess what else, the kind people over at Eshakti have been kind enought to offer this blog's readers 10% from their site. Simply use the promotion Code "EverydayToUs"!  (Offer Valid through April 5, 2015)

This is how I would style it casually. Basically I wanted to put something together for a day out like today.  Since it's finally warming up, all the snow is melting.  There is huge puddles EVERYWHERE.  I totally loves this because that is when the rain boots call my name!!

blog tulle dress
DRESS: Eshakti,  JACKET: American Eagle,  bELT: Suzy Shier, 
BOOTS: Hunter  CROSS-BODY: Danier Leather

This post is sponsored by Eshakti.
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Not applicable on previous purchases.
Everyday to Us

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taking Stock II

Making : Typing noises
Cooking : Tacos for dinner
Drinking :  Coffee, of course
Looking :  pretty thoughtful at the moment.
Wishing :  I didn't have to go out in the cold, and was at home in my pajamas. 
Enjoying : The stage Benjamin is in right now.  He makes me laugh!
Waiting : for 3:30 so I can go pick up my baby. 
Liking :  silence
Wondering : When it will be sandal weather. I'm tired of wearing tights everyday. 
Loving : All things minimal.
Hoping : My son will see me as a great role model. 
Needing :  To check my SimCity.
Smelling : a white bun toasted with butter
Wearing : elbow patches
Following : My Fave photographer on Instagram
Noticing : Benjamin is not my little baby anymore. 

Knowing : All my hard work will be worth it in the end. 
Thinking : Always thinking. 
Feeling : A little tired. 
listening:  To some students talking about googling their names. 
Bookmarking :  nothing.
Opening : emails... why do I get so much spam?
Giggling : To jokes that I remember through out the day. 
Feeling :  Good!

My First One 
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